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duration=90 min;
The Night Clerk at a local hotel with Aspergers, Bart, trys dealing with his social awkwardness by watching patrons on hidden cameras. When a guest is murdered Bart gets caught up as a suspect when police are uncomfortable he produces an unbelievable alaby;
Release Year=2020;
Rating=4838 Vote

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Has anything to say about Helen’s face? I was so distracted by the alien-effect of her facelift. It was stranger than the Asberger’s portrayal by the young man.
Weird also, Bart has the ability to wander about the rooms & install secret cameras, requiring stealth, but fumbles and leaves fingerprints all over the guest room as he removes the micro SD cards.
Lots of little inconsistencies, but fortunately I was watching on Netflix and able to back up when I needed to figure something out. Odd little flick, but, not terrible.

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